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The Lasing Nang Talung Team

Lasing Nang Talung Group Portrait during test fit

Mike Mike Gould thought all this up. He designed everything except the electronics and fabrics. He built the lasers, machined the aluminum pipes that support the screen, did the carpentry and paint for the control console, wrote all the copy, designed and built the web site, and did most of the photography. And punched grommets.

Wayne assembling the LNT controls Wayne Gillis designed and constructed the electronic front end: the Theremins, cabling, and assembling the control units. He also assisted with the fabric construction.

Drunal Desai Krunal Desai designed and programmed the Arduino electronic back-end of the Theremins.

Zita Gillis Zita Gillis designed and constructed the black fabric puppet stage enclosure. She added the red sash not only to hide the support hardware, but to add a traditional Thai element, blending it into the colors of the pavilion.

Steve Rich Steve Rich handled all the legal issues, did a lot of the driving from Michigan, and assisted in the construction of the framework.

Tom Bray Tom Bray helped with the construction of the piece, and made a lot of suggestions as to its set up. He also shot time-lapse video of the assembly.

Draco Draco soldered the microscopic chips onto the boards Krunal designed.

Bradley Cross Bradley Cross loaned us the pipes for the support structure and assisted in the testing of its assembly.

Salli Christenson Mike’s very patient wife Salli Christenson did her level best to keep him fed and sane during the long development process.