Laser Artist

Team Laser Artist

Team Stratus 10
Above: Mike, Wayne, Krunal, Tom, Zita, Steve, John

About our team: Mike is the designer, fabricator, and guiding light of our efforts, but depends on a bold and daring bunch of friends who help out with the electronics and video, publicize the events, and set up, fire up, tear down, and haul around the gear necessary for all this. Mike would like to thank them all ever so very much.

In Alphabetical Order:

Tom Bray Tom Bray
Tom is our resident AV, web, and general theatrical expert. He set up the webcam in the lobby of the JW Marriott for our ArtPrize entry, and has contributed greatly to that project with cogent advice and biting wit ("...Giant Shaft of Wonder").

Krunal Desai Krunal Desai Krunal is our digital engineer. He designed, loaded, and formatted the circuit boards that control the lasers and their support machinery. He also programmed the Kinect interface that enables interactivity.

Wayne Gillis Wayne Gillis
Wayne is Co-founder of our group, and is chief engineering officer. He did much of the cabling for Stratus 10 and took care of the CDRH variance paperwork. He is our resident laser specialist.

Zita Zita Gillis
Zita handles public and press relations, and is assisting Mike in presenting the art work. She also directs our presentations and makes sure our tables are topped in best order.

John Langs John Langs
It's all his fault. He saw Mike demo some lasers at an Ignite talk, then visited Grand Rapids and saw the wall at the JW Marriott. He put them together, called Mike and got things going back in May of 2011. He works on gallery relations and artist development.

Steve Rich Steve Rich
Steve is our legal counsel, consigliere, and transportation specialist. He helps with paperwork and positioning, lifts heavy objects, stands on ladders, and drives the laser van.

Salli Christenson Salli Christenson
And a special thank you to my beautiful wife for her continuing patience and support.