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Soleri, So Laser Team


Laser Artist Mike Gould Mike Gould thought all this up. He designed everything except the custom electronics. He built the lasers, machined the aluminum housings, wrote all the copy, designed and built the web site, and photographed everything. And ran the show in Scottsdale.

Wayne Gillis Wayne Gillis designed the electronic front end: the E-stop system, cabling, and lunchbox circuitry for the control units. He assisted in setting everything up.

Zita Gillis Zita Gillis assisted in the planning, setup and running of the installation.

Tom Bray Tom Bray helped with running the show and made numerous suggestions for improvements.

Steve Rich Steve Rich handled all the legal and contract issues.

Karl Rothweiler Karl Rothweiler of Laser Wizardry was our local Laser Safety Officer and production guy. He arranged for the trusses, set them up, and made it all work. Couldn't have done it without him.

Bill Witcher Bill Witcher machined some of the parts in the Lumiators.

Mike’s sister Patti and her husband, Dave Saathoff, housed and fed Mike during the event, and provided much-needed transportation.

Salli Mike’s very patient wife Salli Christenson handled transportation issues and did her level best to keep him fed and sane during the long development process.