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Soleri, So Laser

Close up of laser lumia with the moon in the background between the pylons

Soleri, So Laser was a kinetic, interactive laser art piece that was installed at Scottsdale, Arizona's Canal Convergence Water + Light + Art Festival. This took place Nov. 8-17th, 2019, at the Soleri Bridge plaza.

This is a realization of architectural lighting using laser projections instead of conventional lighting. Here we use linear laser art to spectacularly light the pylons of the Soleri Bridge with a nod to light reflecting off of water. The colors are predominately a watery blue and green, with a little red added to represent the Arizona sun. This is an example of Lumia, a diffuse form of laser light which exhibits distinctive light-dark banding called interference patterns.

Visitor lunchboxing with lasers Interactivity
To deeper engage the viewer, there are controls available that allow passers-by to vary the speed and brightness of the laser display. These are built into vintage lunchboxes, using crystal jewels as knobs. The large knob on the left controls the brightness of one of the colors, and the other two knobs control aspects of the emitted patterns. Visitors are invited to sit at tables and manipulate the display. There are six lunchboxen, two each controlling the red, green, and blue lasers.

Mike interviewed by local media Artist Statement (for this piece:)
Mike Gould believes art is all about context. As Canal Convergence celebrates its waterfront setting, he views his laser art as a way to embellish The Story of Water in a modern, urban environment. Science and technology are all around, yet the canal cuts through it all, as it has for years—an endless flow of replenishment and life. New, old, dark, light, dry, wet: we are awash in the yin and yang of modern life.

Artist Statement in General
My artistic focus has always been concentrated on the interplay of art and technology: primarily the interaction between the audience and light. I try to raise light to its purest level, illuminating our world in novel ways to inspire and awe the beholder. And what better way to condense the perfection of light than by using lasers - monochromatic until combined, linear until artistically altered, coherent until molded by esthetic enterprise.

A purity of color, a movement of line and form, a brightness to rival the natural noon; that is my direction.