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Mike's lasers featured in hit horror film - Hereditary

Mike movie shoot

Shooting lasers, from left to right: Assistant to Producer Tyler Campellone, Director of Photography Pawel Pogorzelski, Laser Artist Mike Gould. Photo by Assistant to Line Producer Cameron Thuman.

Trailer here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6wWKNij_1M&t=1s. (Quick shot of my lasers in a school hallway at ~1:39.)

Hereditary a hit at Sundance: reviews here:

The movie concerns a family haunted by evil. Shot partially on location at a Salt Lake City high school, the film is called Hereditary. The Director of Photography, Pawel Pogorzelski, found me on Google by searching for “laser artist”. If you do so, my site comes up first after two or three craftspeople offering laser engravings.

Pawel (Pa-VEL) described the effect he was looking for, and I was able to offer a solution, which involved expensive lasers, software, and home-made photonic hardware. Our hero is walking down a school corridor, and a mysterious light appears and scans down the hallway, overtaking him and disappearing into a classroom door. This mystery light was dubbed “Tinkerbell” and appears (and disappears) in several places in the movie.

Articles about this (Ann Arbor Area Business Monthly):

Part 1: http://mondodyne.com/b2b/smbiznet.227.shtml
Part 2: http://mondodyne.com/b2b/smbiznet.228.shtml

Mike Gould Wins Third ILDA Award

Laser Artist, Mike Gould, Co-Founder of Illuminatus Lasers, won his third prestigious award from the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). The annual conference and awards presentation were held in Bratislava, Slovakia, November 6-9, 2017. Gould was not able to attend, but Illuminatus Co-Founder, Wayne Gillis, accepted the third-place award in the Laser Fine Art category on his behalf. Illuminatus member, Zita Gillis, also actively participated in the conference.

Wayne's ILDA speech: https://www.facebook.com/zita.gillis/videos/1803064976391682/

The winning submission, X Access #2, contained adapted images from a previous gallery exhibit called “L is for Laser”, using updated laser lumia projectors, and photographed in Gould’s studio.

Press Release HERE.

Mike Wins Second ILDA Award

Ann Arbor laser artist Mike Gould won his second award for the laser-based music video he and his team created in the summer of 2015.

The International Laser Display Association (ILDA) gives out awards at their annual conferences. 2016's conference was in Baltimore, where Mike and his troupe, Illuminatus Lasers, provided a lumia laser display in addition to picking up the award. He took second place in the edited video category.

The video was for Farrah, a Michigan-based singer. The video is visible here:


At the award ceremony, Mike said:

Third prize went to a Samsung TV commercial, and first went to a documentary about the use of lasers in the Windows 10 startup screen. As both of these probably ran 100 times the cost of our budget, I’m pretty happy. We’re punching above our weight here.

The video was shot in Mike’s studio and around the pond in his back yard, and features a laser projector he built into an antique lunchbox.

The music video director on this project was Donald Harrison, long-time former director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. He is currently working on a documentary about Ann Arbor’s Community High School. He was assisted in this shoot by his Assistant Camera, Ava Burnham.

Other members of the production team included Tom Bray (production and lighting), Wayne Gillis (laser safety and technical support), and Steve Rich (booking and legal issues).

Mike Wins 2013 ILDA Award!

Laser Artist Mike Gould holding his 2013 ILDA award
Laser artist Mike Gould has been named the winner of the Most Innovative Application in the Artistic Award category at this year's ILDA Conference, held in Aalen, Germany. ILDA is the International Laser Display Association, the organization that supports the laser light show industry. The photo above shows him holding the award, in front of some of his signature linear laser lumia kinetic art.

The award was for his entry into the 2012 Grand Rapids Art Prize, Stratus 10. This piece was a work of kinetic laser art that was 16 feet wide by 24 stories tall, consisting of swirling abstract laser light provided by 6 laser projectors that the artist designed and constructed.

Press Release for ILDA Award

Click here for a 300dpi Hi-Res version of the above photo for print. (MikeGouldILDA.jpg) Caption: "Laser Artist Mike Gould holds his 2013 ILDA award, rewarded for his 2012 Grand Rapids ArtPrize entry, Stratus 10. In the background is some of his signature linear laser lumia kinetic art."

ILDA Awards brochure with info about Mike's entry and others'
(2013 Awards Booklet.pdf, 5M)
Hi-Res photo of Stratus 10
More details on the awards

L is for Laser

Latest project: L is for Laser
3-Minute video about L is for Laser
Go to the L is for Laser Press Page

Stratus 10 at 2012 ArtPrize

  • Picture Book - A PDF that contains information and photos (Stratus10.pdf - large: 5M)
  • Press Release 1 (First announcement of the project)
  • Press Release 2 (Test of the lasers at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids)

Items in the news

Article in European magazine, Electro Optics
Mike was interviewed by this prestigious magazine for their November 2013 issue. Click on the link above and go to page 20.

The Henry Ford Museum Blog profiled Mike in this spotlight. Also linked from the Maker Faire Detroit blog.


Click here for Video of Dress Rehearsal Setup.
Video by Tom Bray and Hero the wonder camera.
"3 hours in 3 minutes...took a shot every 2 seconds, playing back at 30 fps."

TV News Footage

MLive did a video montage of ArtPrize entries, and used our lasers as its icon. See video here - we are around half-way through the presentation.

Our dress rehearsal of September 9th was covered by two TV news crews, and footage is available below:


Photos From Dress Rehearsal at the JW Marriott September 9th, 2012

Click on the thumbnails below for large, print-friendly (300dpi) versions. Please don't use the thumbnails below for print, although they will work on a web site. If you need different sizes or resolutions, please contact us. These photos are free and available to all for publication.
Photo attribution: Photos by Mike Gould.

Click to download 300 dpi photo

Photo of Laser Artist Mike Gould
(2.7M 300DPI)

Mike Gould, Laser Artist with "Stratus 10", his entry into the 2012 ArtPrize competition. Pictured is the apparatus that projects kinetic laser art. This is in the atrium of the JW Marriott hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Part of Team Stratus 10
(2.6M 300DPI)

Most of team Stratus 10. From left: Mike Gould, Steve Rich, Tom Bray, Zita Gillis, Wayne Gillis. Not shown: Krunal Desai, John Langs.


Stratus 10
(4.6M 300DPI)

This is Stratus 10, an interactive, kinetic laser sculpture by laser artist Mike Gould. Six lasers illuminate the atrium of the JW Marriott hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The laser light is controlled by a visitor via a Kinect box, which translates their movement into changes in the display.

Photos From test at the JW Marriott July 16th, 2012

Click on the thumbnails below for large, print-friendly (300dpi) versions. Please don't use the thumbnails below for print, although they will work on a web site. If you need different sizes or resolutions, please contact us. These photos are free and available to all for publication.
Photo attribution: Photos and Photoshopping by Mike Gould.

Stratus 10 ArtPrize entry Demo of the Stratus 10 laser display
(4.7M 300dpi)

A demonstration/test of the Stratus 10 laser display in the atrium of the JW Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize 2012. Shown is a 24-story atrium wall onto which is projected the output of six powerful lasers, run through carefully-designed optical gizmos. The display will be under control of a Kinect system, which will allow visitors to control the brightness and speed of the patterns with their movements.


This is a recording of the prototype laser projector, which gives you a rough idea of what the final display will look like. Due to aspect ratio issues, the display here is running left to right; the final image will be running bottom to top. Imagine this 16 feet wide by 230 feet tall...