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Lasing Nang Talung - เลซิง หนังตะลุง

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Lasing Nang Talung artist concept Artist Concept

Nang Talung Puppet Lasing Nang Talung was a light-based kinetic art installation that was shown in the Thai Pavilion of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison WI. As part of the GLEAM, Art in A New Light juried light-based art show, this was on display nights for two months until October 27th, 2018.

This art piece was intended to be a mashup of traditional Thai shadow puppetry and futuristic kinetic laser Neo-Op art. Traditional Nang Talung involves small puppets providing shadow images on a rear-projection screen. The usual light source is from a fire or spotlight; here, we replace the traditional light with laser lumia.

lumia Artist Statement
The intent here is to provide a meeting ground between art and science, past and future, and tradition and technology. We hope to engage the local Thai community in a way that celebrates the traditional Nang Talung shadow show while providing a means for the audience to interact with the piece. There is also a cultural component of classical Southern Thai Nang Talung puppet theater interacting with cutting-edge high-tech American projected art.