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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers


The Legend of Sleepy Howell Vortex is a combination of Neon Captain Radiator output and Nisha Ramnath imagery. The Horseman was run by Pangolin Quickshow software and projected by custom X-laser projector built by Bob Snyder. Illuminatus Chief Engineer Wayne Gillis ran the Radiator through a Kvant CM3000.

Wayne Gillis and Bob Snyder with Radiator and Pangolin Beyond

We had only received our Radiator the week before (thanks, Chris!), so the vortex patterns were presets manipulated by Wayne. We commissioned Nisha to create the graphic, and a similar animation for the entrance, and she responded immediately with this great image. Thanks, Nisha!

Vortex Screen

The projection was terminated on a ~9'x9' screen that was created by Zita Gillis, our Fabric-ator. Michigan's Complete Production Services provided the heavy-duty crank tower that supported the screen, ballasted with two 50gal. drums filled with lake water.
Bill and Wilm Pierson setting up the Vortex screen

Vortex beams in the rain

Bonus Photo:
Here is a shot looking upwards into the beams while it was raining. The Radiator output is on the left, the approaching Headless Horseman is on the right.

The Legend:
To move from place to place, and time to time, the Horseman uses a magical wormhole called the Vortex. This is a mind-buckling fluxification of bent spacetime through which the Horseman emerges into our era and area.

The complete Legend is Here.