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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Our Team


This little show relied on every current Illuminaut and friend we could get to help out. Wouldn't of happened without y'all.

Laser Artist Mike Gould

Mike Gould, In Charge
Laser Artist Mike Gould designed, soldered, mechanic'ed, optic-ated, project-managed, and generally put this all together. He built 25 of the lasers used in the show, and ran the Drums N' Lasers part of the Hill of Beams. He also programmed the laser show at the Entrance. He has won four International Laser Display Association (ILDA) awards for his laser art.

Wayne Gillis

Wayne Gillis, Chief Engineer
Wayne and Mike founded Illuminatus back in the 70's, and have been working on its current incarnation since 2009. Wayne is our Chief Engineer, and realizes Mike's mad schemes in the electronics realm, designing and building our power supplies, internal wiring, cabling, and other stuff. He is also our Laser Safety Officer, with over 20 years experience in the commercial laser industry.

Zita Gillis

Zita Gillis, Fabric-ator
Zita designed and sewed all the screens for this event. She also assists with cat herding, logistics and displays, and is the primary aesthetics consultant. She also handles public and media relations. During performances she helps out with laser graphics and general event support, and keeps us fed and watered backstage.

Steve Rich

Steve Rich, Consigliere
Steve manages operations, security and legal activities and is our emergent photonic artist and illustrator. He supports the team's creative, technical, logistical and business development efforts. He is also our barker, in charge of enticing crowds into our big top and providing guidance to them.

Tom Bray

Tom Bray, Production Director
Tom Bray is our Production Guru, making sure that every production or installation we do is clean, safe, and fun. His rich background in live events of all kinds led him to the job of Converging Technologies Consultant at the University of Michigan. He designed the rigging for our entrance screen, and put together our FM broadcasting setup, as well as overseeing aspects of Dances With Lasers.

Jacob Rich

Jacob Rich, Crew
Following an apprenticeship as the youngest Illuminatus member, Jacob has stepping into key performance and operational roles. He ably works behind and in front of our technology and keeps the team versed in evolving media trends. For Sleepy Howell, he set up and operated the Dances With Lasers event.

Draco, AKA Chris Rockhey Draco AKA Chris Rockhey, Electronicist and Laserist
We found Draco on Photonlexicon.com, the international laser forum. He has a background in electronics and has been learning laser projector construction techniques. He and Bill Witcher ran the Hill of Beams area.

Bill Witcher Bill Witcher, Chief Machinist
Bill is another Photon Lexicon member. He has a very long and broad background in lasers, having attended every single meeting of the Southeast Laser Enthusiasts group (SELEM). He machined the diode mounts in the Drums N' Lasers projectors, and the aperture plates. He is also our resident fog expert, providing the dual manifold smoke sausage system for the Hill of Beams.

Tim Prosser Tim Prosser, Crew

Tim has worked with Wayne and Mike since the Martian Entropy Band days, back in the 70's. He was once also their landlord. Tim has worked with us on several FoolMoon shows, and helped install and run the Haunted Pavilion at Sleepy Howell this year. He is also our resident ham radio operator and antenna specialist.

Bradley Cross

Bradley Cross, Crew
Bradley has helped us at several museum installations, notably The Dow Museum's L is for Laser exhibit in 2013, which also ran at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. This time out, he assisted in loaning us and setting up the canopy protecting Ken, and setting up and running the Haunted Pavilion and Aux Lumia areas. He is also the owner of Harmony Hollow Bell works, and hired Mike 20+ years ago to design and maintain his website.

Bob Snyder Bob Snyder, Crew
Yet another member of Photon Lexicon, Bob has been working with Mike for several years on various projects. He provided the correction lenses used in the Drums N' Lasers projectors. At Sleepy Howell, he assisted Wayne in running the Vortex, and provided the X-laser projector for the Headless Horseman graphic.

Ben Rich Ben Rich, Crew
Ben has worked with us at various FoolMoon and Summerfest gigs. This year he and his dad Steve ran the Entrance laser show, which consisted of graphics, logos, and scrolling text thanking sponsors.