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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Haunted Pavilion

Illuminatus Lasers presented the Haunted Pavilion as an eerie and colorful exhibit at the Legend of Sleepy Howell event. Designed by Laser Artist Mike Gould, the show was an adaptation of Lasing Nang Talung, a light art piece created for the 2018 GLEAM Festival in Madison, WI.

There we used Thai shadow puppets for rotational elements; here we used spooky Halloween decorations to cast scary shadows on the enormous screen surrounding two sides of the pavilion on top of the hill at Scofield Park in Howell, MI.

Back Story:
When not out terrorizing the neighborhood, the Horseman chills out in the Haunted Pavilion. He seems to attract other not-of-this-Earth phenomena, whose shadows appear in the ghostly glow.

The Screen:

Zita Gillis sews the Pavilion screen

The screen was designed and created by Illuminatus Fabric-ator Zita Gillis and was 66' by ~9' in size. To create this mammoth screen, Zita took over Mike's large basement and sewed heavy-duty nylon webbing into poplin, creating a very sturdy and weatherproof projection area for our projectors.

Mike pounds in the grommets While Zita sewed, Mike banged in all the grommets that kept the screen under control.

The projectors were the same as we used in Madison (and Scottsdale's Canal Convergence and Napa's Light Art Festival), now called LNT Lumiators.

As with our shows above, the lasers were controlled by lunchboxen wired up to the projectors.

Usually these are under the control of visitors, but in this non-interactive setup, Illuminauts Tim Prosser and Bradley Cross ran them in auto.

Sewing Pavilion Screen

To anchor the bottom of the screen, Zita brought her sewing machine onsite so we could add webbing loops exactly were they were needed at the supporting columns for the pavilion. Here you see Wayne and Bradley horsing the screen around so Zita could work her magic.