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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Music by Ken Kozora


Ken Kozora is a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist creator of soundscapes. All the music heard via car radios at the event was created live by Ken. Using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, he improvised to a few preset loops, sequences and sound effects. Loops included snatches of Bach's Toccata and Fugue, as well as hoofbeats and whinnies made by the Headless Horseman's steed.

This is Ken's fourth soundtrack for Illuminatus Lasers; previous shows include Saline Celtic Fest's Quest For Mystic Fire, Dow Museum's L is For Laser, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum's Tech Twilight, and now The Legend of Sleepy Howell.

Ken's stereo broadcast to the visiting in-car radios was made possible by Tom Bray's use of an FM transmitter attached to a rafter in the Pavilion. This attached to Ken's tent via two 300' balanced audio cables, strung with care between the trees and leaves at the top of the hill.

KEN KOZORA, performer, composer, educator, artist, thinker and doer brings a wide musical perspective to his performances and compositions on an array of electronic and acoustic instruments. Ken has collaborated with an extensive list of local and international musicians, dance companies, filmmakers and a wide variety of visual and media artists.

His commissioned music and his solo live composed and improvised soundscapes have been featured in award winning films, dance works, festivals, art gallery and museum installations and events, kids events, book signings, architectural openings, and many other site specific and special occasions including Art Prize, DLECTRICITY, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Alden B. Dow Museum, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Awareness Film Fest - Los Angeles, Global Water Dances, Detroit City Dance Festival and 555 Gallery to name a few. While reflecting and retaining an original and unique esthetic, Ken’s music provides a unique experience that resonates, enhances and delights audiences of all ages.

Ken Kozora Logo

Ken values the mutual respect he shares with the many wonderful artists and curators he has been honored to work with and is always eager to explore new concepts, challenges and discover new frontiers. He was recently invited to exhibit his original photo art by Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum in November 2019 along with being tasked to create live soundscapes for two additional interactive exhibits…simultaneously! (A laser installation by his long time collaborator Laser Artist Mike Gould and the other a video installation by Simon Alexander-Adams - talk about multi-tasking!) His continuing music and dance collaboration over the last decade with Choreographer Christina Etter and People Dancing Company have produced both serious and fun family oriented works and experiences. Artist Margaret Parker has also commissioned and featured Ken’s music and live performances in many of her gallery installations, at festivals and in her unique multi-media film art and latest performance art/poetry explorations.

Ken also values and understands the importance of “passing it on and paying it forward”. He has worked extensively in music education across all age groups and learning abilities. He was a Performing Arts Faculty member teaching electronic music at Washtenaw Community College, has facilitated workshops, conferences, special events, teaches privately and helps run special needs summer camps and has been active in community and environmental issues for many decades. In 1996 Ken founded “Horns For The Holidays” a grass roots donation/recycling program that has rescued and refurbished over 700 musical instruments for kids who would not have otherwise had an opportunity to own one, so that they too can experience the immense joy of music making.

Ken Kozora

Ken is very excited for the opportunity to again collaborate with Mike Gould and his team of expert engineers and the dancers of the Howell Community for the Legend of Sleepy Howell Laser Extravaganza!