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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Hill of Beams

The Hill of Beams was the grand finale for the show. We had 14 lasers blasting away here on the side of the hill: the new Drums N' Lasers apparatus was firing six twitching beams down the hill, terminating on the ground, while being controlled by six electronic drums.

At the base of the hill, eight lasers were firing up the hill into the sod; each of these lasers runs through a diffraction grating that splits it into hundreds of beams, mixture of brilliant color that creates a memorable mesh of wonder. These projectors are called PVC Lumiators and were created by Laser Artist Mike Gould back in 2012 as an entry into Grand Rapids' ArtPrize. Here they have been re-worked, the lumia elements replaced by rotating diffraction gratings.

Back Story: The Hill of Beams - The Horseman's Tholian Web of Wonder
There are times when the Horseman has to beat a hasty retreat, mere gallops ahead of pursuing TimeCops, sent by the Galactic Park Authorities to halt his depredations. To escape, the Horseman has an emergency grid of Tholian energy on hand into which he can dive. He emerges somewhere/when else to ride again.

Sleepy Howell Hill of Beams by Illuminatus Lasers hillBeams8705

Above you see Illuminaut Bill Witcher setting up the projectors. The yellow object is a fan sending fog through two smoke sausages to distribute the smoke evenly up the hill. Fog is necessary to make the lasers visible, and is very dependent on the weather - the slightest breeze can dissipate the effect, turning the Hill of Beams into the Hill of Very Colorful Dots.

We got lucky on rehearsal night when the entire park was socked in with natural fog. The following nights were spotty, as we had variable winds.

Hill of Laser Beams

The display was run by Bill Witcher and Draco, who is also our drone pilot. He took the aerial vids and pix seen throughout the site. Below is late afternoon drone footage showing the extent of the Hill of Beams.