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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Back Story: Through Time and Space With The Headless Horseman

Everyone knows the basic story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow: the Headless Horseman and his encounters with Ichabod Crane, Bram Bones, and his unfortunate victims. This all takes place back in 18th Century New York, as written by Washington Irving in 1820.

What is not generally known is that the Horseman is actually a time-travelling demon who continues his travels to this very day, and has now decided to haunt Scofield Park, here in Howell. Instead of a pumpkin, he now travels with a large melon to hurl at his victims. Below are the manifestations visitors will witness.

Entry - Fog Mouth
To hang with the Horseman, visitors must enter his haunted realm through the Fog Mouth, which is a magical trans-temporal/positioning system, cunningly disguised as a road between two trees. This is a sort of hazy TARDIS, bigger on the other side. The Horseman loves his fog, and his domain has it to the max.

The passage of the Horseman causes disruptions in the space-time continuum, which appear as bright lines of light and color in our part of the universe. Resembling laser beams, these bits of photonic mayhem are seen throughout the route.

Dancing With Skeletons
Another little-known aspect of the Horseman, is that he has followers who dance the light fantastic whenever he is around. Our first encounter is with this choreographic crew, whose movements also tweak the continuum, producing outlines that appear in the vicinity. The Horseman also travels with his own DJ/soundscaper, the wizard Zenkora, who provides a live musical backdrop to his travels.

Haunted Pavilion
When not out terrorizing the neighborhood, the Horseman chills out in the Haunted Pavilion. He seems to attract other not-of-this-Earth phenomena, whose shadows appear in the ghostly glow.

The Time-Space Vortex
To move from place to place, and time to time, the Horseman uses a magical wormhole called the Vortex. This is a mind-buckling fluxification of bent spacetime through which the Horseman emerges into our era and area.

The Hill of Beams - The Horseman's Tholian Web of Wonder
There are times when the Horseman has to beat a hasty retreat, mere gallops ahead of pursuing TimeCops, sent by the Galactic Park Authorities to halt his depredations. To escape, the Horseman has an emergency grid of Tholian energy on hand into which he can dive. He emerges somewhere/when else to ride again.

Miscellaneous Manifestations
The presence of this time traveler also causes random bits of dimensional debris to appear in his wake, glowing in weird ways. While definitely not made of dark matter, there may be some residual radiation involved, so please stay back at a safe social distance. In your car.