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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Aux Lumia

We had a trio of smaller displays along the route, to fill in some gaps and provide additional lumia fun. We tacked smaller screens along a portion of the split rail fence next to the road, and rear-projected swirling lumia onto them.

The projectors were built into lunchboxen, and last saw light at our L is for Laser exhibit at the Dow Museum of Science and Art in 2014.

Here small lasers shined through a rotating diffraction grating and thence to a lumia disk.

Back Story:
The presence of this time traveler also causes random bits of dimensional debris to appear in his wake, glowing in weird ways. While definitely not made of dark matter, there may be some residual radiation involved, so please stay back at a safe social distance. In your car.