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The Legend of Sleepy Howell
Presented by Illuminatus Lasers

Artist's Statement

Laser Artist Mike Gould

Whenever I am commissioned to design a show for Illuminatus Lasers, the first thing I consider is context: how does this emission of lasers connect to the venue, the theme of the event, and the expectations of my muse, Lumente (who has very high standards, indeed.)

Sleepy Howell is the perfect storm for us: a multimedia extravaganza of music, dance, laser light, all tied together with a new legend and a chance for our entire team (all 12 of us) to work out at once.

Here I needed to create five separate laser art pieces, all connected by a headless madman on a horse.
No Problem.

As to the overall thematic narrative, see the Back Story page.

I decided to hit all the laser light show modalities: scanned images, lumia, interactivity, and beamage.

The entrance incorporates standard laser graphics: scrolling text thanking sponsors and giving instructions as to radio frequency to set to tune into Ken's music. We also used a custom graphic of the galloping headless horseman, which I commissioned from laser artist Nisha Ramnath.

Illuminatus Lasers is known for its interactivity - here, due to the casualty of Covid, working with visitors directly was not possible, so I had our client (Howell Area Parks and Recreation Authority) hire dancers costumed as skeletons to work with our lasers at our Dances With Lasers area.

We were asked to make the event non-scary, so the Haunted Pavilion featured shadows of scary puppets. Negative space, and all that.

To show laser abstraction in action, the new-fangled Radiator was used to create a trans-dimensional gateway through which the Headless Horseman could enter our existence.

Illuminatus Lasers like to perform to live music, so we signed up Ken Kozora to provide his danceable soundscapes.

Drums N' Lasers is a new attempt to link the music to the lasers; six of Ken's drums controlling six of our new laser devices.

The Hill of Beams (an Easter egg; look up quotes from Casablanca) brings in the beamage via diffraction gratings.