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Lasing Nang Talung

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Fund Raising

Lasing Lang Talung is going to be rather expensive (five-figure range), so we are looking for donors, underwriters, and sponsors. Imagine being a painter, and your paintbrush costs $2K - that sort of thing.

The GLEAM Festival is paying for a very basic version of this, but we would like to add more lasers and make it all interactive. We have a scheme that would enable controlling the lasers using Theremin-like controllers - imagine waving your hands over antennae to adjust the brightness and speed of the lumia.

We need an additional $8K to make this a reality; if Lasing Lang Talung inspires you, please consider making a donation.

Our thanks to the generous donations from the following
givers - they got us started:

Bradley Cross, Harmony Hollow
Rajeev Thakur
Salli Christenson
Kathy Greening

Thanks to the following people who have made substantial contributions of time and expertise:

Wayne Gillis
Zita Gillis
Krunal Desai
Steve Rich
Tom Bray
Bob Snyder
Dave Struwser

Please contact Artist Representative Steve Rich (sholem.steve@gmail) for more details.

Thank You!