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The Illuminatus Lasers at the FoolMoon art celebration, Ann Arbor, Michigan (2014)

Using the incredibly beautiful light produced only by lasers, the Illuminatus laser show, under the direction of Mike Gould, provides distinctive illumination of building façades. Ideally suited for outdoor festivals, the laser imagery is a unique means of catching eyes, providing artistic backdrops, and creating unique festive lighting.

Illuminatus at FoolMoon, 2014

Recommended Venues
Ideally, we paint the light-colored side of a large, many-storied building, uninterrupted with windows (which might reflect the lasers into the sky or onto people). Practically, we are pretty flexible.

To the left you see our lasers painting the Ann Arbor Apartment building, as part of the FoolMoon celebration in 2014. We are set up on a driveway with projectors mounted on theatrical stage lighting tripods.

We can also do large indoor spaces; see my ArtPrize 2012 entry, in a 24-story atrium in Grand Rapids, MI.

And check us out at the YoumaCon convention in Detroit's RenCen in the Renaissance Ballroom.

As seen at the top of this page, we have the capability to do scrolling text, giving a new meaning to "laser printing". This shows us welcoming party-goers to FoolMoon.

We can also project logos, and do text-on-demand - you stand over our shoulders and tell us what to project. (It works a lot better if you give us the text beforehand, just sayin'...)

Illuminatus at UMonuments, Ann Arbor Angell Hall
Recommended Usage:
Town Festivals - Dance Parties - Art Shows (indoor/outdoor) Street Parties – Reunions - Private Parties - Benefit Galas - Music Festivals

To the left you see the UMonuments street party, held in front of Angell Hall on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Previous Shows
Illuminatus has presented laser art for thousands of people attending events at leading Michigan hotels, including the Detroit Marriott Troy in the RenCen, the Hyatt Regency Dearborn, and most recently, the JW Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids during Art Prize. There, Mike won an ILDA award for Most Innovative Application in the Artistic Award category at the 2013 ILDA Conference in Aalen, Germany.

Illuminatus at Maker Faire Detroit 2014 Henry Ford Museum
Illuminatus is a familiar sight at the Detroit Maker Faire, where the artist and crew demonstrate and teach laser technology annually.

At the right is a projection of the Faire's logo, Makey the Robot. Illuminatus has exhibited here in the Henry Ford Museum for four of their Faires, winning the coveted Editor's Choice award twice.

In 2013 Mike presented a 3-month exhibition of his art at the Dow Museum in Midland MI, and a subsequent show at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Entitled L is for Laser, the exhibit consists of five major pieces, one of them interactive.

All our lasers are fully compliant with US regulations, and are operated safely by our highly trained crew.

Technical Details

The lasers are paired with diffraction elements that warp and twist the light. These produce a laser display called “Lumia”, which is quite different from your conventional laser displays (which consist of beams and images).

The projectors, “Lumiators”, are built into sturdy PVC pipes, and supported by heavy-duty theatrical tripods. Each Lumiator is controlled from a custom-built dimmer board which adjusts the speed and direction of the effect, as well as the brightness of the lasers. We have 12 Lumiators. Most the equipment was designed and built by Mike Gould, assisted by his crew of talented engineers and technicians.

At the right, Illuminatus Co-Founder and chief engineer Wayne Gillis loads a tripod with Lumiators.

You can see a video of us setting up for DLECTRICITY on Youtube.

Steve Rich
(734) 904-5732

Mike also does a lecture/demo on the history and uses of lasers in science, culture, and the arts; for more info go to Talks With Lasers.

Municipal Special Events
We have proposals underway for lighting up Ann Arbor (Arbor Lase):

...and Detroit (D Lase):

More Information: