Laser Artist

Stratus 10

A kinetic laser work
by Mike Gould

Stratus 10 was my entry into the Art Prize festival in 2012, sited at the JW Marriot Hotel lobby in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This piece is a very large-scale kinetic laser display. Powerful lasers project a complex shifting pattern of light and shadow. This will probably be the largest indoor laser display in the world, clearly visible from the outside and from across the river that flows next to the venue.

As with life itself, here is a combination of randomness mixed with control, as the mechanics of the devices create patterns that never repeat exactly, yet can be controlled as to speed, brightness and other variables.

There is a historic dimension to this, as the basic principles of such photonic patterns were established by light artist Thomas Wilfred back in the 1930’s. He didn’t have lasers at his disposal, of course, but used spotlights reflected and refracted off of reflective foil to create his art. His works also involved music.

The intent of the work is to provide a restful and contemplative visual experience, just the thing to chill the harried traveler resting in the lobby.

Due to the large windows next to the setup, the display was only visible after dark.

Photos, press kit, and videos are here.