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Mike Gould: Talks With Lasers
A Laser Learning Experience:
Lasers In Science, Culture And Art

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Mike Gould: Talks with Lasers is an educational lecture-demonstration-laser lightshow that is designed to teach general audiences about the fascinating world of lasers: how they work, their history, and how they are used in a variety of settings.


This presentation was created for the general public, but is best appreciated by those of middle school age and older. We also have a simpler show geared to the Kindergarten set. There is a low-level discussion of the science involved, but from a non-mathematical perspective. Mostly we concentrate on slides and laser-scanned elements to tell the story of the laser from its beginnings in the Sixties to its current uses.

The show runs around an hour: 35 minutes of lecture-demo, a five-minute laser show, then 10 minutes of Q & A. The length of the show can be tailored to any time span, and customized for a specific audience.


About the Artist
Mike Gould is an internationally-recognized laser artist. His works have appeared at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI, at outdoor art events in Detroit (Dlectricity), and in museums in Midland, MI (Dow Museum of Science and Art), and Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum). He won the “Most Creative” ILDA award in 2013 from the International Laser Display Association. He won another ILDA Award in 2016 for a music video he did. An experienced public speaker, he has presented at Ignite and NerdNite shows, Kiwanis and Chamber of Commerce events, PopTech, Maker Faires, and other venues.


About the equipment
Lasers are provided by the Illuminatus laser show. The projectors are mounted on 2-3 (depending on venue) large tripods and controlled by an operator with a laptop. There is also an AV operator who runs the venue lighting and the sound system.

Audience safety is paramount: the laser operators have years of experience, and the lasers comply with legal requirements.

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Contact Information

Steve Rich
Photonic Legal PLLC

p: 734 904 5732
f: 866 727 2179

Past lectures:

Grand Valley State University
Super Science Saturday
January 24, 2015
Links: Facebook, Youtube

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
(part of L is for Laser exhibit) July 14 - August 24, 2014