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A is for InterActive

This piece features six lasers projecting a pattern that reacts to the movements of the visitor. Using a Microsoft Kinect system, the art work tracks the viewer’s movement and uses that information to control various aspects of the laser display.

Instructions: Stand in the target area and wave your arms around, then other parts of your body. Can figure out which parts of your body are controlling which aspects of the display?

Plan B from Outer Space

This is a slowly-moving display of nebulosity, resulting from the interaction points of laser light created by a laser holographic diffraction gratings and selected lumia-producing elements. This is my tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope.

C Linguistics

A transparent scrim acts as a screen, which shows the projections and allows them to pass through the screen onto the ceiling. Lasers project a mixture of lumia and words, most notably the Laser Alphabet. Can you find all the letters of the Laser Alphabet?

X Access

The simplest of the graphics presented here, this piece is a large letter “X". The X is made up of two linear laser lumia projectors located against the wall at the intersection with the ceiling. There are two moving elements in the projector: one creates a macro pattern and one creates a micro pattern within it. The micro pattern is set up so that the pattern moves from left to right, across the X axis.

Y Knot

This is identical to the X Access except spelling out the letter Y in different colors. And the micro pattern moves bottom to top, along the Y axis.

The Laser Alphabet


A is for Art
B is for Blue
C is for Collimated
D is for Diodes
E is for Energy
F is for Frequency
G is for Green
H is for Holography
I is for Intensity
J is for Junction
K is for Kinetic
L is for Laser
M is for Motor
N is for Neon
O is for Orange
P is for Projector
Q is for Quantum
R is for Red
S is for Science
T is for Tools
U is for Ultraviolet
V is for Variance
W is for Watt
X is for X Axis
Y is for Yellow
Z is for Zone

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